1. Damn thing still won’t work when he’s gone.

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  2. subtlydifferent:

    Luke from Gilmore Girls is the perfect man. 

    He’s so grumpy all the time but he’s the sweetest man.  

    That would be Danes. 

    …and, thanks. I think.

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  3. It’s June 3rd.

    OOC: Still June 3rd here for another hour and 9 minutes. (and, thus far, this is my only June 3rd related post. As a JavaJunkie, I ought to be excommunicated.

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  5. Coffeebreak/Homecoming: Lorelai, Luke, Emily, Jess, April


    Okay, this was a plot-twist! It seemed like practically everybody in the diner except her dad was on her side—including Lorelai’s mother…even if she did call her actions “unacceptable,” she sure didn’t seem to be suggesting Luke do anything about it. The popular vote was “live and let live…and let’s all just have a burger.” The almost icy note in her dad’s voice when he talked about “dealing with her,” did give her a momentary chill, but the prevailing wind was a warm one, and just maybe if she kept riding that wind, she might get out of this one after all. It was just possible this town could help her gain more independence than she ever thought possible.

    “I think Mrs. Gilmore’s right,” she said, taking the seat next to Emily, sensing a powerful ally. “We should all just forget about it and have a burger.” She gained more self assurance as she went on. “After all, what were you going to do, Luke, ground me to my non-existent room, or send me back to the mother who didn’t want me to come in the first place?” She slathered the sarcasm with an air of reasonable politeness.

    April’s air of superiority and continued I-can-do-what-I want-and-what-are-you-gonna-do-to-stop-me? attitude, on top of Emily’s bizarre turning of the tables, was just shy of making smoke curl out of Luke’s ears.

    He leaned toward her and spoke lowly through clenched jaws near April’s ear. The words were meant for her, but the low growl effectively etched through the sounds of the room, and could likely be heard for several feet.

    "Lose the attitude unless you’d like me to handle this the way my dad would have." It was a nonspecific threat, considering there was only one person in the room who knew definitively what that meant, and that person wasn’t April, but the sound of it was sufficiently ominous to change her bearing instantaneously. "And for starters, you can go into the kitchen right now and start scrubbing the stock pots. Caesar can show you what to use."

    He softened his tone to address Emily, but spoke seriously nonetheless. "Family comes before business." That was all he said on the subject before taking up his order pad with a quick sigh.

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  6. Coffeebreak/Homecoming: Lorelai, Luke, Emily, Jess, April



    “Hey! Earth to Luke! Are you completely not listening? I SAID, he stopped me. As in, he was being the responsible grown-up not letting the rebel teenager drink. Maybe if you open your ears and shut your mouth you’d get that!”

    Emily watched the loud show that was going on and shook her head in disapproval. “WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON HERE??” she screeched, thinking it was enough with the fight already. “Why would a fine teenager like her, be up there drinking beer willingly? that’s not acceptable. ” she said “but I guess I wouldn’t be suprised…” she said and trailed off as her mind flashed to Lorelai and her years as a teenager. 

    “Can you all just stop fighting now so we can have our lunch? besides this is a business, I bet customers would turn in the door and run away if the came in here while you were all screaming. How you seem to run your business astounds me” she said as she walked over to a table to sit down. 

    At the end of April’s speech about what she’d said to Luke, he heard Gypsy’s voice from behind him. “Yeah, I heard that." He hadn’t even seen that she was sitting there. Babbette’s husky alto chimed in, “So did I!” And, Taylor muttered something that included the words “expect” and “entire family,” and Bootsy agreed, asserting, “That’s exactly what I’ve always said!” before his voice blended into the general murmuring.

    Luke tried to block them all out in order to deal with the teenage daughter standing in front of him who’d been drinking beer and now thought it was a great idea to tell him to ‘shut up!’

    Luke swallowed, his eyebrows raising and head tilting in a you really wanna go there? expression. With difficulty that betrayed itself in a slight twitching, he kept his lips in check so he wouldn’t say anything he might regret, his breath shortening and the words he finally allowed himself to say disturbingly quiet…at least for Luke. 

    “Then, I guess you’re the only one I have to deal with.” His mouth tightened into a small rigid line, his eyes focused keenly on April’s.

    That’s when Emily’s voice broke into it all. Of all things, she seemed to be advocating letting the entire matter drop…and Luke’s jaw dropped at the suggestion. If it had been her own daughter, he would have imagined an invocation of the Queen of Hearts’ “OFF WITH HER HEAD!!!” but, since the teenager in question was his, she was ‘a fine teenager,’ and he was simply behaving badly as an entrepreneur? He turned in disbelief to Lorelai who’d seemed strangely dumbstruck throughout the whole incident; but, the only comment came from Babbette who stage-whispered across to Gypsy, “Obviously, she doesn’t know Stars Hollow!” with an exaggerated wink.

    Luke groaned inwardly. Babbette was right about that one. In Stars Hollow, this kind of family drama packed in customers like nothing else!

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  7. Coffeebreak/Homecoming: Lorelai, Luke, Emily, Jess, April



    She’d gotten so wound up she’d forgotten all her good intentions of confession and apology and making sure that Jess didn’t get called on the carpet for her stupidity. Her dad’s first words brought that last part back to her with a jolt.

    “Jess had nothing to do with it! *I* took the beer. *I* drank the beer. He took it away from me, actually.”

    Jess had followed them downstairs, making sure to stay a few paces behind everyone else - just in case. He didn’t want to be in the middle of the fight and possibly drawn into the yelling going on, but at the same time he wasn’t about to let all this drama go down without seeing how it pans out.

    When they reached the bottom level, he curved around the corner to stuff his hands in his pants and lean against the counter to watch. It was only when his name was mentioned that he straightened, raising his hands in protest. “Hey, I did not let her drink it. Why is that your first thought? She’s old enough and perfectly capable of getting it herself. But you blame me? Jeez, Luke,” he said, speaking at almost the same time as April.

    Luke being Luke, it flummoxed him to have both of them shouting at him at once, making it difficult for him to sort out their words. At the protest from Jess, who he hadn’t seen come through the curtain until he spoke, Luke swung around to meet the angry words.

    "Hey, you are the adult here!” His index finger jabbed in the direction of his nephew’s face at the word you"That means anything that happens, you get to take part of the responsibility - that’s how it works! Welcome to being a grown-up.”

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  9. Coffeebreak/Homecoming: Lorelai, Luke, Emily, Jess, April


    The pounding of her father’s work boots on the wooden steps made her irrationally angrier.His backpedaling made her irrationally angrier. The thought that she was PMSing and it would be obvious to the whole freakin’ world that she was PMSing made her angrier. Her angry stride made it down the stairs in no time flat.  

    “Not what you meant?” she asked incredulously. He’d pushed her to the point of a stupid, embarrassing, blubbering breakdown over this only a few hours ago, and he was bringing it up again, and he wanted to pretend that somehow that wasn’t what he meant? Seriously?

    As she brushed past the curtain between the stairs and the actual diner, her Dad tried to pull her back, but she wrenched away from his fingers. He knew they were going downstairs. If he didn’t want to have this conversation down here, he shouldn’t have brought it up.

    “So you don’t mean that the people in your family are wholesome, great people that my mom shouldn’t have a problem with, but that my ‘pot-smoking’ cousins,” she gave it air quotes, “are going to corrupt your precious, innocent little girl?

    “That’s exactly what you meant. Well guess what!? Maybe it’s too late! Maybe I’m not such an innocent, pure, goody-two shoes! Did you ever think of that, Luke? The part of her that was reckless and vindictive gave an extra twist to the knife in pointedly not referring to him as Dad.

    She watched his eyes dart around the diner, more concerned with who was hearing this that he was with what she was feeling or what she was telling him. Fine. 

    “Did you have any idea that while you were down here going about your business, I was upstairs, drinking your beer?”

    Luke actually had trouble keeping up with April in the stairwell. Boy, when she was mad, she could really move!Luke flashed back to when he and Anna broke up…and the million fights before that. She’d always moved like greased lightning when she was angry. The morning she left, they argued all the way down these same stairs—he hadn’t accused her of cheating on him. and he hadn’t exactly called her ‘controlling’ either, but that was the way she took it. He couldn’t keep up with her. The last icy dart shot over her shoulder as she went out the door. She never came back.

    Terrified, Luke lunged to keep April from running away from him, but he couldn’t even get a grip on her forearm before she jerked it away from him.

    No, of course he hadn’t meant that his family was some kind of ‘paragon of virtue’ and her mom’s was plain evil. Not at all. And he didn’t think of her as some kind of sanctimonious saint either.

    The way she reverted to calling him by his first name, and the almost sneering way she said it, was a slap in the face. He flinched at it and felt ashamed. He could feel the whole room staring at him, whether in accusation or pity, or both. Granted, the whole room consisted of Emily Gilmore, Caesar, Morey and Babbette, Bootsy, and Taylor. As far as audiences went, throwing Emily and Taylor into the mix automatically made it almost the worst case scenario for this kind of conversation.


    "Jess LET you—?"

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  10. Coffeebreak/Homecoming: Lorelai, Luke, Emily, Jess, April


    “Ha!” April almost snorted. Too young for those kinds of stories? Yeah, right. You had so better be kidding, cuz.

    Okay, the cuz thing was weird. Probably best that it hadn’t been out loud. If he’d gone with the brother thing, bro or big brother would have rolled off the tongue with much smoother sarcasm. 

    Swans and late night joy-rides? Okay, she had to hear these stories.

    She tensed involuntarily when her dad mentioned cousins and pot. He seriously had a problem with that.

    “Will you PLEASE drop that!?” It came out almost as a screech, and April turned and started down the stairs. “God! It was ONE TIME one stupid time, and you wouldn’t even know about it if I hadn’t told you in the first place!”

    Luke cursed inwardly at his own hard head and thoughtless mouth. He hardly dared glance at Jess, but the look he caught out of the corner of his eye was enough to make him feel doubly stupid.

    "April!" His clomping footsteps followed her down the stairs, fully aware of the show they were providing for Emily Gilmore and anybody else who happened to be in the diner. "April, that’s not what I meant!"

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